How do i find work in australia?

Answer Complete an application for a work visa if you are a foreigner by visiting the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website at your employment information on Australia's skil... Read More »

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If you buy an iphone 4 from the U.S and bring it to Australia wil it work. do i just have to unlock it. can you do that. what sim card does it work with?

If the iPhone is factory unlocked,yes u can use it If not,nope U have to jailbrake it and unlock it. Still no unlock for the 4-th iPhone Maybe the next week it's gonna to be a release

Which part of australia to go for work in july, None skilled work.?

If you're arriving in 2 weeks, head north. Warmer weather with quite a few crops in season if you'll be fruit picking and the wool industry should also need workers. Check out the Harvest Guide.htt... Read More »

Can you work in australia with a new zealand work permit?

Of course not - they're two completely separate, independent countries with completely different work permit and immigration requirements. If you want to work in Australia on a long term basis, fin... Read More »

Does a psp's gps work in australia?

The PSP GPS receiver is a Global Positioning System that plugs into the Sony PSP to enable applications that utilize GPS data. The receiver will work anywhere that GPS systems are active, and as su... Read More »