How do i find the cheapest hotel in tahoe?

Answer Do researchUse the Internet to find affordable lodging. Several websites allow users to search hotels of all price points, especially those that are half the price of higher class hotels, but still... Read More »

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Does any one know the cheapest hotel or b&b in Zurich (Switzerland)?

Hostels provide fairly good value for money, check out the list on Zurich tourism's website:… As far as I know, three of the hostels are in the city itsel... Read More »

What is the cheapest hotel for me to afford in San Diego while I'm visiting for ComicCon?

A Motel6 that's somewhat far from the convention center. Perhaps all the way out in the small cities that you'll see surrounding San Diego on a map: El Cajon, Escondido, etc.

How to Find the Gear Ratio for a Tahoe?

A car's gear ratio is what determines whether it's best equipped for high acceleration and low maximum speed or the converse. Obviously, everyday driving is going to have situations that require bo... Read More »

Where can you find the cheapest ipods?

Craigslist. got an ipod touch for $150 4 months ago. Brand New.