How do i find shed antlers?

Answer Search for antlers during shedding season. According to deer management website, deer shed antlers between January and April.Look for shed antlers in rural areas, such as farmland, ... Read More »

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When do elk shed their antlers?

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, elk typically shed their antlers between February and March, while some antlers remain intact until April. Elk largely populate the northwestern a... Read More »

How often do antlers shed?

All five North American species of cervids shed their antlers after the breeding season. Whitetail and mule deer, moose, elk and caribou grow a new set of antlers during the spring and summer.Sourc... Read More »

Why do deer shed their antlers?

Science has yet to explain the reason deer shed their antlers, while similar horned animals do not shed their horns. However, scientists have figured out the biological process of shedding. This i... Read More »

How do I preserve shed antlers?

Preserving antlersBring your shed antlers indoors. They need to be stored in a place that controls temperature and humidity. If the antlers still retain their normal color, paint on a few coats of ... Read More »