How do i find out who and when a web page was posted?

Answer Go to the Web Page Analyzer URL is posted below and type in the address of the website you want to check. the results you are looking for are at bottom under "Headers returned from" example:Last-Mo... Read More »

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Whats the most annoying thing that gets posted on your facebook page?

I'm not friends with any adults so I wouldn't know your problem but my is those people that like is for heaven and scrolling is for hell. It's like no b&tch, I'm atheist so why would I give a f&(k.

Is their anyway to keep people from seeing that I posted a comment on a public page?

Facebook privacyYour privacy setting page has a group of general controls for your facebook account ,like who can send your friend requests and messages but anyway ,get thissmart phones1. Tap photo... Read More »

Question not posted. I asked a Q about a gardening implement and it was not posted. Whats going on?

It seems to be happening to a lot of people today and yesterday. Yahoo has been messing about.As for wands that heat weeds and kill them, I just bought one. They use a gas bottle and are really not... Read More »

How Can I Find Out if Someone Has Posted Bond?

Posting bond is a process where someone arrested on criminal charges provides money to the court so he can be released from jail until his court date. If he misses his court date, the money given t... Read More »