How do i find out what my kids have been on if they deleted history?

Answer Go deeper into your computer and check the internet files.

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How can I tell where my kids have been on the computer after the history has been deleted?

According to, about 75 percent of adolescents use the Internet (mostly ages 12 to 17). The Web contains an incredible amount of educational information and resources, but also ... Read More »

How do I find old emails that have been deleted?

Few things are as frustrating as accidentally deleting an important email. Although a message may appear to be gone, "delete" does not necessarily mean "gone forever" when it comes to email. Depend... Read More »

Can you keep your Internet Explorer history to see what sites your kids have been on?

You can use the history function in Internet Explorer to see where your children have been online. In certain versions of Windows, you can also use the group policy editor to define a group policy ... Read More »

How do I check Internet browsing history after it has been deleted?

Locate the Deleted HistoryOpen your Internet browser window and select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" drop down menu. Under the "Browsing History" section, click on the "Settings" button, this... Read More »