How do i find out how much space i have on my computer?

Answer Open Windows Explorer. Click "My Computer", then right-click the C drive and choose "Properties". A statistic with the occupied and free space will appear.

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How do i find how much free space i have in my computer?

go to my computer right click c drive and select properties

How do I find out how much free disk space my computer has?

Go into start menu, My computer, Right click on the drive you want (normally C Drive), then properties... This will show space used and space left.

Where can I see how much free space I have on my computer?

If you are computer savvy, consider going to a lightweight distribution of Linux. This will free up a lot of RAM. I recommend something with LXDE or XFCE, probably Mint. Otherwise, check in Task Ma... Read More »

How can I find out how much memory I have left on my computer.Please keep it simple I am a novice to all this?

go too my computer,you should find out that way,wen you put mouse near harddrive,it should say space and whats left,hope this helps