How do i find out how much space i have on my computer?

Answer Open Windows Explorer. Click "My Computer", then right-click the C drive and choose "Properties". A statistic with the occupied and free space will appear.

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How do i find how much free space i have in my computer?

go to my computer right click c drive and select properties

How do I find out how much free disk space my computer has?

Go into start menu, My computer, Right click on the drive you want (normally C Drive), then properties... This will show space used and space left.

How can i get more space on my computer?

I need more space on my computer, but don't know how?

A very good article on how to increase memory in your machine can be found at the link below.In a nutshell, to increase Virtual Memory:To alter the virtual memory settings: 1. Right-click the My Co... Read More »