How do i find lost or stolen cell phones?

Answer Google Click to CallOpen your web browser and go to the Google Maps page. Enter your name and phone number, with area code, into the search bar. When your name and number come up in the results, se... Read More »

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Lost or stolen Cell phone?

You need to specify what kind of phone it is. With iPhone, you can go to to find the location of your iPod, if it is an Android, then I would look it up in Google. There IS an app out th... Read More »

How to Prevent Your GPS Enabled Cell Phone from Being Lost or Stolen?

It’s an awful feeling, losing your only cell phone. Not only are you out of contact, not only do you lose all your data and have to ask everyone for their phone numbers again, but cell phones can... Read More »

How to Find Lost or Stolen Dogs?

If your dog is lost or stolen, chances are it's a situation you want resolved quickly. In a stressful, anxious time such as this, you may not know exactly how to go about getting your dog back to y... Read More »

How many cell phones are lost in the U.S. annually?

The United States population owns over 234 million cell phones. From these cell phones, more then 70 million are reported lost. That means 30 percent of Americans lose their cell phones each year.S... Read More »