How do i find how much free space i have in my computer?

Answer go to my computer right click c drive and select properties

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How do I find out how much free disk space my computer has?

Go into start menu, My computer, Right click on the drive you want (normally C Drive), then properties... This will show space used and space left.

Where can I see how much free space I have on my computer?

If you are computer savvy, consider going to a lightweight distribution of Linux. This will free up a lot of RAM. I recommend something with LXDE or XFCE, probably Mint. Otherwise, check in Task Ma... Read More »

How do i find out how much space i have on my computer?

Open Windows Explorer. Click "My Computer", then right-click the C drive and choose "Properties". A statistic with the occupied and free space will appear.

How can you know how much free space your computer has?

There are several ways1) Go to MyComputer and click on you drive. It should tell you in Details. (Depends on your folder view settings)2) Go to MyComputer or Windows explorer, go to View, and selec... Read More »