How do i find a tv movie?

Answer Direct the browser to the Internet Movie Database, also known as IMDB (see link in Resources). This is a searchable television and movie database with more than 1.3 million movie and television tit... Read More »

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How do i find a movie?

One option is to visit an on-line movie listings portal such as the Internet Movie Database or AllMovie. Enter the title of the film you are searching for. If you do not remember the name of the fi... Read More »

How do I find movie subtitles?

Find the DVD MenuPlace the movie in your DVD player and wait for the main menu to appear (you may need to push the "Menu" button on the remote to bring it up). Then look for the "sound options" or ... Read More »

How do i find out the content of a movie?

Read the BlurbMovie studios run their own websites that describe the basic content of upcoming releases. You can read synopses on those websites or check similar online sites such as Rotten Tomatoe... Read More »

How do i find a movie by subject?

Get KeywordsWrite down a short list of key phrases which define your movie's subject. It can be the basics of the plot (bank robbery, or Italian romance), a specific event or an overall theme. Come... Read More »