How do i find a scene in a movie?

Answer Check the DVDExamine the DVD's chapter list for the scene you want. Most DVDs mark their chapters by pertinent scenes and use stills or moving images to highlight them. You should be able to spot t... Read More »

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What is Your favorite movie scene ever in a movie?

The Graveyard Duel at the end of The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Are the angels hanging dummies in the movie scene in Tyler Perry movie Madeas family reunion real people or dummies and where can they be found?

How to Film a Scene for a Movie?

This article will show you how to prepare to photograph a scene that may very well look professional and prepare you to become an internet star, famed for good high quality videos.

Saddest movie scene you can think of?

the saddest movie scene I can think of would deffinitly be at the end of Click, when adam sandler is running in the rain out of the hospital. I cry every single time I watch it, and I hardly ever c... Read More »