How do i find a movie by subject?

Answer Get KeywordsWrite down a short list of key phrases which define your movie's subject. It can be the basics of the plot (bank robbery, or Italian romance), a specific event or an overall theme. Come... Read More »

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How to Find the Subject & Predicate?

Locating the subject and predicate in a sentence is an English grammar skill you begin learning as early as the first grade. It is important to understand this because a sentence is not considered ... Read More »

Help on How to Find Subject-Verb Agreement?

Grammar will be one of the persistent challenges you will face as a writer. One aspect of grammar learned through memorization and usage is subject-verb agreement. Verbs must be conjugated to match... Read More »

How to Find a Master's Degree Thesis Subject?

A thesis is based upon research that you do during your time as a graduate student -- that attempts to answer a question that has not been asked before. This will require you to conduct preliminary... Read More »

How do i find a tv movie?

Direct the browser to the Internet Movie Database, also known as IMDB (see link in Resources). This is a searchable television and movie database with more than 1.3 million movie and television tit... Read More »