How do i find a local food bank?

Answer ContactsLocate a local United Way, Salvation Army or community services organization in your area. Most town or county government offices can provide you a list of non-profit organization food ban... Read More »

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Where can I find local food places that deliver Im tired of pizza!!!?

How do I set up a donation can at a local bank for a sick kid?

Get permission from the top manager at a local bank to place fundraising cans at customer service desks and windows. If possible, ask at banks that are locally owned and operated, rather than at ch... Read More »

Can I exchange foreign currency at my local bank?

Most large "money-center banks" have currency-exchange services. While not all smaller local banks (especially in rural locations) can convert from a local currency to a foreign one, they should be... Read More »

Can I get international currency from my local bank?

Most major banks will exchange currency, however, many also require an open account in order to so and may charge a nominal fee to do so. Though bank exchange rates are not always the best, it is a... Read More »