How do i file itemized with my DBA....its my first time?

Answer It will probably be in your best interest to hire a tax professional. National Association of Tax Professionals has a referral list for people in all levels of Tax Help.good luck & blessing

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How to Calculate Itemized Deductions?

When filing your income taxes each year, you may take the standard deduction or an itemized deduction amount on your Form 1040. Depending in your expenses, it may be more beneficial to calculate t... Read More »

What is an itemized depreciation schedule?

Depreciation is used to predict the loss in value of an asset. You use an itemized depreciation schedule to report the depreciation of one or several assets on your tax information for the Internal... Read More »

IRS Instructions for Itemized Deductions?

Congress's intent behind the Internal Revenue Code is to tax net profits, not gross income. Congress has also made allowances in the tax code for nondiscretionary income, such as that portion which... Read More »

Itemized-Deductions Checklist?

Taxes can seem intimidating. It does not seem to matter that we fill out tax forms every year. With all the changes to the tax laws, there's a little novice in each of us. Saving our records and r... Read More »