How do i fake injury?

Answer How about take a gun and put it to your head... then pull the trigger. Oh wait, you said ankle... Uhm, in that case ... jump off the highest building in your neighborhood. That should do it. I'm su... Read More »

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How to Fake an Injury?

Whether it is a small sprain or a large break, this article will help you to fake an injury.

How to Fake an Injury to Get out of Doing Something?

Have you ever wished that you can just sit out for a while in gym class because you don't feel good or you don't want to run that day? Well here is how to get out of doing things like that!

How to Fake a Back Injury?

You can fool people with a fake back injury. Try it!

How to Fake an Injury to Get out of Gym Class?

If you want to get out of gym or anything then you have come to the right place