How do i download pics to my computer with out a memory card?

Answer sorry, memory cards are where a digital camera saves the photos so when you lose the card, you lose your photos.

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How do you download pics from memory card to laptop?

Yes, it sounds weird, but in certain instances it can help.

How do you download pictures from a computer to a Memory Card?

If you are using a laptop computer with an inbuilt card reader, just insert your SD card & you will be able to see the card memory in your 'My Computer'. 1. You can copy the pictures by selecting ... Read More »

How can i download pictures from my computer to my memory card?

Your camera should have a cable to connect it to the computer, normally a USB cable. When you do this and turn on the camera, the card will show up as a removable drive in explorer. Assuming you ar... Read More »

How do i download pictures from my memory card to my computer?