How do i download music to a memory stick duo?

Answer The Memory Stick Duo is an ultra compact way to carry around data like music, pictures and even some small bootable programs. Getting the data onto the Memory Stick may present a small difficulty ... Read More »

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How Can I Download Pictures From the XBox to a Memory Stick?

Microsoft Xbox consoles are manufactured with a hard drive inside the machine for game data storage. User profiles, saved games, and other user data are stored on this internal hard drive, which ca... Read More »

How to Download Games Onto a PSP & Play Them From a Memory Stick?

The Sony PlayStation Portable is a video game system that also can play movies and music. Media that you have saved on your computer can be transferred to the memory card on your PSP easily with a ... Read More »

How much music can an 8GB memory stick hold?

The number of songs a flash drive can hold depends on the length and encoding of each song. An 8-GB memory stick will hold 2,000 songs, assuming each song is four minutes long and is encoded with A... Read More »

How do I upload music to a memory stick?

Insert Memory StickPlug a memory stick reader into the USB port on the side or back of your computer. Navigate to the location of the memory stick. On a PC, it will be in the Start menu under "My C... Read More »