How do i downlaod those wierd files from forums?

Answer In the old days, when bandwidth was very small, large files needed to be broken down into several smaller files. This was because most people were using a modem connection at a very slow speed.And... Read More »

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Feels like my hearts beating wierd, wierd feeling in chest !!!SCARED.. is this normal!!?

I would seek medical attention, if you are having trouble with your pulse and heart and pains in your chest .

What is the file extension avi downlaod?

The file extension .AVI is an audio interleave file that can be downloaded on both Mac and PC computers. It is used with the PC program Quicktime, and the Mac program Real Player. Both of these pro... Read More »

How do you downlaod games to iPhone?

Using the Apple App store, if you don't already have an account you can sign up throught iTunes.

How to Downlaod Games on a Nintendo DS?

You can take your Nintendo DS device to a Nintendo store that has a DS Download Station and play demos of the latest DS games. The DS Download Station offers a place where you can meet other DS use... Read More »