How do i downlaod those wierd files from forums?

Answer In the old days, when bandwidth was very small, large files needed to be broken down into several smaller files. This was because most people were using a modem connection at a very slow speed.And... Read More »

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What r those things called that u use 2 downlaod from ur camera 2 the computer?

All those ttc, i havnt asked a wierd question 2day have i?

I can't believe after he delivers the baby juice in me(lol) I immediately do a head stand, well half a head stand. Sometimes I even kick him in the face. I always apologize but I have to do what I ... Read More »

Feels like my hearts beating wierd, wierd feeling in chest !!!SCARED.. is this normal!!?

I would seek medical attention, if you are having trouble with your pulse and heart and pains in your chest .

How to downlaod cricket captain 2012 from the net?

Discussions about cheats and cracks are not allowed in here. Try asking in other forums elsewhere. Buy the DVD.