How do i donate books to schools?

Answer Local DonationsFlip through the pages of the books to ensure the books are in good condition. Remove any scraps of paper or debris you find between the pages. Erase any pencil marks and use a black... Read More »

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How do I donate books in CT?

There are many ways to donate books in Connecticut. First, you try at any branch of your local library. Libraries can not only put the books into circulation, but they can also hold book sales and ... Read More »

How do I donate law books?

Contact Public High SchoolsContact a public high school or the local school superintendent's office to see what school might be in need of your law books. Your used or slightly outdated law books c... Read More »

How to Donate Books in Houston?

Donating books in Houston, Texas, can be a valuable way to contribute to the academic needs in today's society. Recycled books provide an environmental way of ensuring that children and adults alik... Read More »

How to Donate Used Books in New Jersey?

When cleaning out the basement or attic you're apt to find a lot of old books. If you and your family members have outgrown the books, donate them rather than trying to sell them. New Jersey has ma... Read More »