How do i do bokeh with a P&S?

Answer Yes you can.Your FZ28 is a very good so called "P&S" camera. Ok, you won't be able to get the great bokeh you that can get with a SLR with a fast lens, but you can still surprise most of your SLR f... Read More »

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How to Take Photos With Bokeh?

Taking photographs with bokeh is sometimes all about the lights and other times, the distinctive blur is reflected in shiny surfaces.

How can I create bokeh with a Nikon d40 DSLR?

You want a narrow depth of field image. This is done by using the largest aperture on your lens (smallest f-stop number). To do this on a D40, or any dSLR camera, use aperture priority or manual mo... Read More »

Can you create bokeh with a digital camera?

The way to get bokeh, or shallow depth of field, you need to use a wide open aperture. Wide open aperture, meaning f2.8 or wider. f1.8 is a good setting. Notice that f1.8 is wider than f2.8, and f1... Read More »

Can you take a bokeh picture with a nikon d40x?

Generally, you can with all cameras. All you need is a shallow depth of field. You can achieve this by using a low aperture (ex. f/2.8, f/1.8) The lower the f/#, the shallower your depth of field w... Read More »