How do i do bokeh with a P&S?

Answer Yes you can.Your FZ28 is a very good so called "P&S" camera. Ok, you won't be able to get the great bokeh you that can get with a SLR with a fast lens, but you can still surprise most of your SLR f... Read More »

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How to Take Photos With Bokeh?

Taking photographs with bokeh is sometimes all about the lights and other times, the distinctive blur is reflected in shiny surfaces.

Best nikon lens for "bokeh"?

Bokeh is a term that has come to be generic for DOF. Here's a good article on the subject so you understand it better. You'll be able to read it after Wikipedia comes back up after their little p... Read More »

How to Make a Custom Bokeh?

Snowflake bokehBokeh is from a Japanese word for "blur" or "haze". It is a little bit of photographic trickery that can be lots of fun to do! This article will explain the basics of it. Feel free t... Read More »

How can I create bokeh with a Nikon d40 DSLR?

You want a narrow depth of field image. This is done by using the largest aperture on your lens (smallest f-stop number). To do this on a D40, or any dSLR camera, use aperture priority or manual mo... Read More »