How do i divide hibiscus plants in fall?

Answer Expose the Root BallRemove the hibiscus plant from the ground or pot, exposing the root ball. If the plant is in the ground, dig around it and lift it gently. If it is in a pot, squeeze the sides o... Read More »

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When do you plant hibiscus seeds in the fall?

You can plant a hibiscus at any time during the fall if you have a greenhouse. If you don't have a greenhouse, planting hibiscus in the fall will result in the death of the seeds during the winter.... Read More »

Ants on Hibiscus Plants?

Hibiscus is a large shrub or small tree that produces large, colorful, trumpet-like flowers. The flowers can be as large as 6 inches in diameter, and the tree can grow up to 15 feet tall in areas w... Read More »

How do i start hibiscus plants?

Take about 15 to 20 cuttings from the softwood, or new growth, in spring or summer from a well-established hibiscus plant. Cuttings should be about the length of a pencil. Trim all but one or two l... Read More »

Are hibiscus plants toxic?

All species of hibiscus fall under toxicity category four, which means that they are generally not considered to be toxic to humans, according to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.... Read More »