How do i dispute the change of ownership of a life insurance policy?

Answer Disputing a change in a life insurance beneficiary proves to be very challenging. The life insurance contract, a binding agreement signed by the owner of the life insurance policy, provides little ... Read More »

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How do I dispute the change of ownership for a life insurance policy?

The owner of a life insurance policy is the person named in the contract with the insurance company. Commonly that would be the insured person, but there are instances in which ownership is sometim... Read More »

Is condominium ownership for life?

Yes. Once you purchase a condominium unit you own it for life unless you decide to sell it. You can leave it to your chosen beneficiary in your will or it will pass to your heirs-at-law under the s... Read More »

What are incidents of ownership for life insurance?

The term "incidents of ownership" in a life insurance policy refers to a person's right to use or make changes (such as changing beneficiaries) to the policy. If the person named in the policy can ... Read More »

How to Transfer Ownership of a Life Insurance Policy?

If you have a large life insurance policy that is considered part of your estate, your beneficiaries could be subject to the federal estate tax--a whopping 45% of your assets--after your death. To ... Read More »