How do i determine swing speed?

Answer Find a golf swing speed reader. You can purchase an at-home swing speed reader like the Medicus Power Meter, which attaches right to the shaft of the club. You can also stop by a pro shop that is e... Read More »

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How do I increase swing speed?

Resistance TrainingThe trunk (abdominals) is the body part that enables the twisting motion in your bat swing. Resistance training with light to medium weight with explosive technique will develop ... Read More »

What swing speed is good for shafts?

Golf club shafts are graded into levels of stiffness. Each level correlates with a player's swing speed in miles per hour. Extra stiff shafts match players with swing speeds of more than 105 mph. C... Read More »

Can you use regular flex shafts with a 93 mph swing speed?

Shaft strength depends upon several factors, swing speed being the most important. The generally accepted swing speeds for regular shafts range from 80-95 mph. Therefore a 93 mph swing would qual... Read More »

How to Pick the Best Golf Clubs for Your Swing Speed?

In golf, using the correct club can make the difference between a mediocre score and a great one. A big variable in your success is matching the club to your swing speed. Finding the appropriate go... Read More »