How do i delete videos on my video camcorder?

Answer If it's a minidv, just rewind it and record over it. If it's a minidvd, just throw it away, cause once it's on there, it's on there. If it is on minidvd, you can convert the files with a converter ... Read More »

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How do you delete videos or pictures on a sony camcorder?


Can you transfer videos from a camcorder to a computer using an S-Video cable?

To use an S-Video cable to connect a camcorder to a computer, you need not only a camcorder with an S-Video output, but also a computer that has a video digitizer with an S-Video input.References:H... Read More »

Why I loose my video quality when I transfer videos from mini DV camcorder to PC?

Movie Maker is for VCD quality video and not DVD or Mini DV quality. It automatically reduces the frame sizes for VCD and not even sVCD. MPEG1 is used for VCDs. Everytime you save a clip in WMM y... Read More »

How do I get videos from my Flip Video Camcorder to Windows Movie Maker using the free version of "AVC"?

You just need to convert the video to wmv video, then you can import it into windows movie maker.