How do i delete album artwork on itunes songs?

Answer Open iTunes SoftwareOpen the iTunes software and select a song. For Mac users press the "Command" key and "i" at the same time. For PC users right-click on the song and select "Get Info" from the c... Read More »

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How to Delete Album Artwork on iTunes Songs?

The iTunes media program manages all of the audio files saved on your computer. When you open iTunes while the computer is connected to the Internet, the program can also be used to search for and ... Read More »

How do you put album artwork on an iPod with songs from another source than iTunes?

First, Get the album name. Then you go to wikipedia or google images then type the album name right-click then click save as put the file name. go to itunes highlight the songs in the same album. P... Read More »

How do you delete album artwork from itunes version ten without deleting the actual song?

Open the info window: either - Get Info from the File menu or Right click on a title and select Get Info from the menu. Click on the Artwork tab at the top. Click on the Artwork image to select it ... Read More »

How do you enter album artwork in iTunes when it says album artwork unmodifiable?

You have to create an AAC version of it. You do that by opening Itunes and right clicking it then push create AAC version. Once you have done that delete the duplicates and you can change the artwork