How do i delete a picture i have in my computer that i put there with a scanner?

Answer rightclick n delete

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How do i scan a picture from my printer/scanner onto my computer?

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Is there anyother way to get a baby picture on the computer without a scanner?

You can go to Walmart or a drug store like CVS or Walgreens and they have a service that you can scan the picture in their machine and they will send you a CD with the picture on it in about a week... Read More »

I have a scanner and i need to save the picture on my computer but when i try says i need to download sotfware?

Did you install the software and driver for your scanner? If you dont have the driver, you can download it from the scanner mfg website.

Ive got a lexmark scanner and printer i want to scan a picture into my computer but carnt remember what to do?

look in the instructions either on line or hard copy or alternatively got LEXMARK.COM for the information you require