How do i decrease the size of the windows and desktop items on my computer?

Answer left corner there is a scroller thing click and drag to your hearts extent

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Does having to many desktop items slow down your computer?

No. Your computer has to use some of its graphics capability to display the icons, but that's a tiny portion of its capability, you'd never be able to measure the difference. 20 years ago you wou... Read More »

How to Alter the Size of Your Windows Desktop Taskbar?

The Windows taskbar in Windows 98, XP and Windows Vista can be made larger and smaller without any real technical knowledge! Perhaps you wish to make it bigger or smaller, stop it from hiding or vi... Read More »

What windows on a computer has the big clock on the desktop?

That sounds like Vista.You could download google sidebar though which will do the same thing for XP you see. XP can do everything that Vista does ;)

How do I restore my Sony Vaio desktop computer to Windows XP?

It sounds like you need to save any data etc you want then uninstall Vista.Then install XP and you should be fine but make sure that the version of XP that you downloaded is compatible with that ma... Read More »