How do i deal with my pill popping boyfriend?

Answer Homeopathy :-Give him NUX VOMICA 30C thrice a day half hour before meals especially half hour before going to bed he will get over his pill popping habit soon by the Grace of God .Take care and God... Read More »

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OMG, help! Is it normal for my jaw to keep popping after spending several hours w/my boyfriend & sucking on?

Yeah, my boyfriend's Abba Zabba get's hard to fit in my mouth sometimes.

You are on the pill you used a condom AND your boyfriend pulled out what are the chances you are pregnant?

How to Deal With Your Boyfriend's Ex?

If you're in a social circle that allows for your significant other's ex to constantly remain part of the picture, it might be hard for you to draw the line. You have to understand that not all rel... Read More »

How to Deal with Being Taller Than Your Boyfriend?

Are you taller then your boyfriend? If so, you probably aren't too happy about it, and he probably isn't either. Here are some tips to deal with being taller then your boyfriend.