How do i deal with hotel bed bugs?

Answer ClothesWash any clothes that may have been in the infested hotel room in hot water, this will kill and remove the bed bugs. Do not allow the clothes to come in contact with your carpet or furniture... Read More »

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How do I check a hotel room for bed bugs?

Check BeddingInspect the hotel room during daylight hours when bed bugs are hiding. Pull back the sheets of the hotel mattress and look in the seams, the mattress tag and the corners of the box spr... Read More »

How do i deal with bed bugs?

Vacuum Your HomeVacuum all areas of your home that are infected with bed bugs. Make sure to vacuum along baseboards, carpeting, furniture and around doors and windows. Use a crevice tool to vacuum ... Read More »

How to Deal With Bugs On Your Car Bumper?

Especially during the summer our cars are bombarded with insects. This problem can really "bug" us. For most of us our collisions in traffic are with bugs. They crash into us without any insuran... Read More »

How do you deal with the invasion of bugs to your home in the summer heat?

Last year we had tiny black ants in the kitchen; I put cinnamon sticks at the window where they seem to be coming in and haven't seen any this year.Still have a few tiny roaches now and then that d... Read More »