How do i cut an onion without my eyes watering?

Answer dont cut the root

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Is it possible to cut an onion without your eyes watering?

Considering the reason "why chopping onion make your tears to flow" ---->1.Be in a well ventilated area, for example open a window, or turn on a small fan.2.If you don't want to chop the onion in t... Read More »

Eyes watering when i lay down?

You are allergic to something in your bedding. Wash your sheets and blankets in a hypoallergenic detergent like All Free and Clear and change your pillows to hypoallergenic ones.

Why are my eyes watering?

My eyes do the same thing (like right now, in fact) and I found out that it is indeed allergies--either to pollen in the air, dust, pet dander, etc. The thing that works best for me is Tylenol All... Read More »

Why do my eyes keep watering?

i have hay fever so as the sun/pollen is coming out i am getting warty eyes? have you had any hey fever in the past? I use eye drops