How do i create more RAM on my computer?

Answer You buy it, or do you mean Virtual Memory?……

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Computer does not go into safe mode when I hold down the F8 key as the computer starts back up (more)?

The moment the computer begins to boot up hold down F8.If you wait for Windows to boot it will be too late.It should beep but ignore it until the option window comes up.It that does not work, than ... Read More »

On youtube my computer will only play a few seconds , then freeze until more has loaded, is computer too slow?

it's not your pc that's slo - it's your internet connection

How do I create more memory?

You can, you could plug the external hard drive in one of your USB ports, but it won't make the computer faster. From what it sounds like, you need to upgrade your memory, or usually referred to as... Read More »

How to Use Mirrors to Create More Space?

"Philosophically, we are getting more crowded ... I call it remodeling without plaster dust."[1]Using mirrors to create a sense of more space is a trick of interior designing and their use in decor... Read More »