How do i create a folder on my desktop?

Answer Right-click your desktop, then higlight "New" until another drop-down menu pops up, then select "Folder"

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How do I remove a "Desktop" Folder from my desktop?

Hi,You can do one thing. Just take the backup of all your desktop file. And create another user by the following way.1) Goto Run and type "compmgmt.msc"2) On the left hand side you can see Local Us... Read More »

How to delete con folder from desktop?

restart the computer and try again. there must be some hidden process that is running with the folder thus you cannot delete \ rename it.else if you are computer expert like me identify the process... Read More »

How to make a folder on a Mac desktop?

Click anywhere on the desktop. The menu should change to "finder"Pull down the file menu option at top of the screen. Select new folder. A new folder will appear on the desktop with the name "unt... Read More »

Where is the desktop wallpaper folder?

On a PC using the Windows XP operating system, the desktop wallpaper is located within the Display Properties window that is located in the Control Panel Appearance and Themes category. On an Apple... Read More »