How do i create a bruise?

Answer i hope this isn't to falsely accuse some innocent man of abuse...

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How to Ice a Bruise?

A bruise occurs when you bump into, or a bumped by, something and the soft tissue undergoes trauma. Small veins, or capillaries, right under the skin break leading red blood cells to escape and acc... Read More »

Bruise easily?

What Is a Bruise?A bruise, also called a contusion (pronounced: kun-too-zhen) or an ecchymosis (pronounced: eh-ky-moe-sis), happens when a part of the body is struck and the muscle fibers and conne... Read More »

Why is my bruise brown PLZ?

purple and blue are the wrostespecially bluebrown means its healingif you're lucky it might even go to a beautiful color of mustard yellow or puke green in a couple days. :P

Unexplainable bruise?

There's no particular reason why she would have bruises in these locations as a result of leukemia testing, but the bruises could be sites were a shot was given or a sample was taken. Who knows?