How do i copy spreedsheet from mail and paste on excel workbook?

Answer If the data that you are copying is using blanks/spaces to separate the various columns from each other, then that is not a spreadsheet you are copying. It then becomes only plain text (a long str... Read More »

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How To Copy Name Ranges in Excel 2003 to Another Workbook?

Macros are small applications that run a specific task. In Microsoft Excel, there is a macro that will copy all the range names from one workbook and paste them into another. Creating this macro wi... Read More »

Copy and paste from excel to word.?

Have you tried re-formatting the MS-Excel worksheet so that the Font, Size, and other values are set the way you want them before doing the Copy action??And when you do the Paste action into MS-Wor... Read More »

How Do I Copy a Row in Excel & Paste it Into a Column?

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Different versions are available for both Windows and Mac, though all versions work similarly. Excel ... Read More »

How do you add Cc/Bcc contacts in Google mail without having to copy and paste?

The gmail webmail client is for people to check their e-mail from public computers/cell phones but if you are using gmail from your computer you will be further ahead to setup pop access from your ... Read More »