How do i cook restraunt quality Somali food?

Answer Here are some good websites:……… Read More »

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What is you least favorite food to make at the restraunt you work at?

I don't work at a restaurant anymore but when I did I was a fry cook. I hated making the fried chicken. Usually a lot of grease popping on me and after about 6-8 hours it would get me kinda sick to... Read More »

Good things to eat at a Thai food restraunt?

Pad se ew (pronounced like it looks) delicious!!! Noodles with a yummy sauce and vegetables :)))) my fav (try Thai iced tea also)

What is a somali cat?

Somali cats are a form of Abyssinian cat, a type a feline that originated in Ethiopia. These cats make good pets because they are often intelligent and lively, according to the Cat Fanciers Associ... Read More »

Do Somali refugees pay federal income taxes?

Refugees from Somalia and any other country are required to pay federal income taxes. As legal residents of the U.S., all refugees must report their earnings to the IRS by filing annual tax return... Read More »