How do i convince my mom to buy me a new camera!?

Answer My first suggestion is that you NOT threaten to move out if she does not get you a new camera...she may help you pack! :-)Try asking for money! Perhaps with the money they give you, the money your... Read More »

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How do I convince my mom and dad to buy me a new camera?

Stop relying on your parents. Get a job and buy your own!

How do you convince your dad to let you get a new camera?

The best lens out there for architecture and landscape I'd the 14-24 mm 2.8.

How do you convince your parents to buy you a camera?

You just have to give them reasons why they should buy you a camera. Here are some"Look. If you buy me a camera, I can take pictures of friends who are leaving. Then I'll never forget them!I really... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You a Digital Camera?

Do you want a digital camera? Do your parents say, "You don't need a digital camera?" or do say they say, "If you want a digital camera go and by one yourself?" Well if this sounds like you keep on... Read More »