How do i convert the mp3 format to wma?

Answer Download ProgramNavigate to the Web site listed below. Purchase and download Wondershare's Music Converter. You can also sign up for their free trial and download the software, if you don't have ma... Read More »

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How can I convert a funky camera format into avi, mp4, mov, or any other usable format?

If ffdshow is working I'd guess your video format is some form of MPEG-4, but "podunk" isn't too helpful. Super should work, but without more detail it's impossible to know what's going wrong. Gi... Read More »

How do I convert mpeg video format to thm file format?

Misconceptions About THMRecognize that THM files are actually thumbnail image files created in most cases to give a visual representation of the content of a video. A common misconception about the... Read More »

How do i convert the .VSP format to a format i can use to upload to youtube?

Hi im guessing that your using VideoStudio, correct??First you don't actually convert your VSP into an MPEG, you create a video file (MPEG).Since you are ready to create a video file, go to1.Share ... Read More »

Where can I Convert .MOV format to a .MP4 or .AVI format HELP !?

You can use any of these Video Converters. They are all FREE.Koyote Free Video Converter :…Koyote Free Video Converter is one of the most complete progr... Read More »