How do i convert russian text to english text?

Answer Download a Russian-English translator program. Install the program on your computer and open it.Upload the Russian text into the program. If you have a file or website with Russian text, you will n... Read More »

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Is there any software which can translate hindi text to english text?

Here are some softwares:… and these are some online translation sites: http://www.shabdko... Read More »

How to Convert Japanese Website Text to English?

The Internet provides access to websites created by users all across the world in many different languages. If you discover an interesting Japanese website, but cannot read the language, you can us... Read More »

Is there are way to convert text on paper, like pages of a book, into editable text without typing?

What CJ said. You just need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that probably came with your scanner (or a friend's if you haven't got one) and save the resulting scan as an ed... Read More »

How to Convert Pdf to Text With Docany Pdf to Text Converter?

PDF Files have become an increasingly important output format and have been widely used for sharing information or various read-only documents. But at times you need to take text out of a PDF file ... Read More »