How do i convert multiple files like 01-15 into an iso file?

Answer Use WinISO, first, download and install WinISO.1. run WinISO, drag all of the files into WinISO2. click "Save"then you will get the .iso file you want.Here is the more details: Read More »

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Is there a way to convert multiple excel file to csv files at once?

Yes, there is. By writing some VBA code (and possibly more, depending on what you mean by "multiple Excel file").Does the "multiple" actually mean several .XLS Workbook files, or does that mean se... Read More »

How to change file name of multiple files so that i can add a name in front of the name of the file?

There is a simple built-in method in Windows. First you just need to select all your files you wish to rename. You can go to Edit > Select all or press Ctrl + A.Now you can right-click and choose R... Read More »

How to Convert Multiple PDF Files to EPS?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) and the Encapsulated PostScript(EPS) are close cousins. The EPS is a graphics file format that makes viewing graphics such as vector, bitmap and fonts across appl... Read More »

How to Convert Multiple Word Files to PDF?

You can combine Microsoft Word 2007 documents together to create portable document format (PDF) files from within the Word program. You can convert multiple Word files into one PDF file by using Wo... Read More »