How do i control the volume of my ipod?

Answer Rotate Click Wheel to Adjust VolumeOn the iPod, volume is controlled by the click wheel on the front face. It is touch-sensitive and contains the buttons used to navigate through the iPod interface... Read More »

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How do you Unlock volume control on ipod?

From the main menu, select Settings, then Volume Limit. If a code was previously entered (to prevent the limit from being changed), you need to enter the code. Then you can change the limit. If ... Read More »

How to Reset the Volume Control Password on an iPod?

As Apple continues to introduce new features to their iPod line, users may get frustrated with the new unfamiliar features. One such feature is the Volume Control on the iPod where a parent can lim... Read More »

What if your iPod Touch doesn't have a volume control?

The iPod touch must have a volume control. You can control the volume by either clicking the two buttons on the side of the iPod touch, or you can move the circle on your screen left to right to ad... Read More »

How do you get back the iPod Touch volume control after using earbuds?