How do i control the printer on my sons computer?

Answer Basically you need to buy a network ready printer and connect it to a network, over the network the ADMIN of router can change the settings if printing sharing is on/off.

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Is there a way to check the printer access control permissions (ACL's) on a Windows XP Home edition printer?

There are several web pages with quite a bit of information on this topic. A quick Google search using the following keywords will make those web pages available to you: printer access control p... Read More »

After installing printer drivers, the printer does not show on the Control Panel?

To find out if you have a 64 bit, do the followingStartEnter systemNow look for system and click itFor printer statusStartDevices and printersRight click the printer icon (If there) and select remo... Read More »

My sons computer wont start up. We get a blue screen with an error message?

Take it to a repair shop, they wipe the bios password, but that blue screen might mean something got corrupted or bad memory.

I need decorating ideas for my 19yr. old sons game/computer room. He wants it in african colors.?

Paint some zebras and lions on the walls and make it jungle-theme. Then incorporate some of his favorite characters from the games and have them hiding/peeking out of the jungle foliage. He can mak... Read More »