How to Control Your Dreams?

Answer Sweet dreams.Have you ever wanted to dream about something that you know can only happen in dreams ever wanted to re-dream your most imaginative and creative dreams? Then read on...

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If a person who was born blind dreams, what do the dreams consist of?

I've thought this before too, and I'd have to imagine a kind of sensory overload in the other senses. I don't know about you, but I've smelt things in dreams, tasted things in dreams, heard and fe... Read More »

Do blind people see their dreams And do colour blind folks see their dreams in black and white?

How to Get Rid of Bad Dreams?

Having bad dreams? Dreams of past occurrences? I have the same thing and I created something that works for me but it also might work for you. Just follow the steps and soon these dreams will be gone.

How to Get Vivid Dreams?

A vivid dream is one that you will still remember after you wake up. Imagine you have a sweet dream, wouldn't you want to remember it? :D