How do i control ants in a house?

Answer Remove any source of food for the ants. Wipe up any spills on the floors and counter tops. Getting rid of the food source will keep ants from coming back.Leave a trail of farina cereal, such as Cre... Read More »

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How to Control Ants?

What to do when the ants invade the kitchen - it's not personal, they are just looking for food: a method for those who do not like to kill critters. Maybe feed them outside so they don't need to c... Read More »

How to Control Pavement Ants?

Pavement ants are one of the most common pests in homes and buildings. Their colonies remain hidden underneath rocks, floorboards, bricks and stones. These tiny ants feed on just about everything t... Read More »

How to Control Ants in a Lawn?

Ants only have a life expectancy of 45 to 60 days; however, during that short amount of time, they can wreak lots of havoc. For this reason, it is important to remove them if they are spending time... Read More »

How do I control ants in a compost pile?

Moisten and TurnMoisten the compost pile with water and use a pitchfork or shovel to stir the pile in order to disturb the ant colony and disrupt their tunnel systems. Do not drench the compost wit... Read More »