How do i contact chris avery of james avery craftsmen by email?

Answer Visit the official James Avery Craftsmen website listed under "Resources."Click on the tab labeled "Contact Us 1.800.283.1770" at the bottom of the home page in the "Need Help?" section.Copy the Cu... Read More »

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When was the James Avery Victorian pearl necklace made?

Jewelry designer James Avery founded James Avery Craftsman, Inc., in the 1950s. As of 2010, the company carries the Victorian Pearl Necklace in its current product line, offered in both 14-karat go... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Avery?

The name “Avery” can be traced to the Norman French names Alberich or Alfred. It means “elf counsel.” In 2009, this name was the 223rd most popular boy’s name in the U.S., and the 32nd mo... Read More »

Avery DIY Lanyards?

Avery DIY lanyards feature a sturdy paracord circle woven with a zipper stitch. Large lobster clip hooks hold various animal calls to the lanyard, though you may replace these with any small hiking... Read More »

What did Oswald Avery discover?

Oswald Avery was an American bacteriologist who made an important discovery in the field of genetics. Along with his fellow colleagues, Maclyn McCarty and Colin MacLeod, he discovered that genes ar... Read More »