How do i connect headphones to a tv without a headphone jack?

Answer The problem with inexpensive TV's is that data on line on them stinks.If one of the red/white jacks is audio out, then you are set. The jacks are, Red/Blue/Green is component video. Yellow is comp... Read More »

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Why won't my Audio-Technica headphones work when connected to headphone jack on my Dell laptop or from the docking station headphone jack?

The headphones play a metronome tone which helps the drummer keep in rhythm. Also, to keep the band on beat, the drummer has the headphones to hear his band playing to stay in beat. It is the drumm... Read More »

Can wireless headphones be used with a headphone jack?

Wireless headphones are designed to receive a signal from a transmitter connected to the device. Most of them are not equipped with a cable, in which case the answer to this question is no (assumin... Read More »

How do you listen to music with headphones if you don't have a headphone jack?

It'll work for a while, but cellophane gets old and the color gets brown, and it's hard to remove. How expensive are these headphones? I'd use duct tape first.

Can wireless headphones be used with a television that has no headphone jack?

That depends on whether or not the TV has audio output connectors on it. They're usually what's called an 'RCA' connector. Right channel will be red, left channel is white and video will be yellow ... Read More »