How do i connect a belkin wireless router (n150) to WIRELESS internet?

Answer Simply replace the TP Link router with the Belkin.You will need to do some configuration as far as the wireless is concerned, and may need to do some for the WAN connection(Cirrus) as far as userna... Read More »

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My Belkin N150 Wireless Router is acting really strange?

try turning everyting off turn the router back on let it sync all up then turn computer on.

How to Connect a Belkin N1 Wireless USB to a Belkin N1 Wireless Router?

The Belkin N1 Wireless Router is a basic Wireless-N router that supports up to 300 MB/s wireless connection speed and up to 100 MB/s wired connection speed. The Belkin N1 Wireless USB Adapter is a ... Read More »

How to Connect My Cell Phone to My Belkin N-Wireless Router?

Today's advanced mobile phones, known as "smartphones," are capable of joining home wireless networks like those generated by your Belkin router. Logging in to a network is typically faster than re... Read More »

How to Connect an Apple iPad to a Belkin Wireless Router?

All iPads feature built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which can acquire Internet access through any wireless router, including Belkin models. By connecting to a wireless router, your iPad is given access t... Read More »