How do i connect 2 computers to one cable modem?

Answer USB or EthernetPlug one end of the USB cord into the USB-port on the cable modem and the other end of the cord into the USB port on the first computer. Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the... Read More »

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Can you connect two computers using only one cable modem and two ethernet cables?

If you got all the way down here... then thanks for reading.The answer is yes, and no.If each PC only has one NIC, then no. If one PC has two NICs then yes.Chances are, each of your PC's only has ... Read More »

How do I connect two computers on a DSL modem?

Use a local area network or LAN cable to connect your DSL modem to a router via the Ethernet port. Connect both computers to the router using LAN cables.Source:Helium

How do I connect two computers to one wired modem DSL?

Purchase a router and plug it in near the DSL modem. Plug the DSL modem into the Internet port on the router using a network cable. Plug a network cable from each computer's network card into the b... Read More »

How to Connect Two Computers to One Modem in Different Parts of the House?

There are two ways to connect two computers to one modem when those computers are in different parts of the house. The first way is to install a wireless router and connect all of your computers to... Read More »