How do i configure the macbook sync options?

Answer Open iSyncConnect a device to sync with the Macbook via USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth ports. Open the iSync utility in the Applications folder. Click the "Sync Devices" tool and the program automatica... Read More »

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How to Configure Exchange for Active Sync?

ActiveSync is a free program downloadable from the Microsoft website. Exchange Server is not free, but is also available through Microsoft; it usually is not downloadable due to its size. ActiveSyn... Read More »

How to Sync a MacBook Pro With an iPad?

Like other portable Apple devices, the iPad syncs to computer systems to transfer media to the tablet. Since Apple's iTunes syncing software comes pre-installed on MacBook Pro systems, the iPad can... Read More »

How to Sync the Bookmarks Between a MacBook & an iPad?

Usethe iTunes program to sync your Safari bookmarks between your MacBook and iPad to streamline your Web browsing experience on both systems. This way you can have both the MacBook and iPad maintai... Read More »

How to Sync an iMac Remote With a MacBook?

The remote that came with your iMac can be used to control the functions of other Apple computers as well. The remote uses an integrated infrared signal to connect wirelessly to your computers. The... Read More »