How do i cold smoke fish?

Answer Originally conceived as a method for preserving food, smoking fish became a matter of taste preference after the advent of modern refrigeration, with dishes like smoked salmon now considered a high... Read More »

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How do i smoke fish?

The fish-smoking process has been utilized since the beginning of recorded history as a way to preserve fish for longer periods of time. With the modern advent of refrigeration, however, smoking fi... Read More »

How to Smoke Fish in a Chiminea?

You can do a lot of things in an outdoor chimineaA chiminea (also spelled chimenea) started off as a clay stove in Mexico but is now popular as a backyard accessory. An outdoor chiminea is not only... Read More »

How to Smoke Carp Fish?

Carp are commonly regarded as a nuisance fish in the United States. Yet these species can grow to large sizes and can be excellent when smoked. Smoking fish involves two stages: salting the fish, t... Read More »

How to Smoke Fish in an Oven?

Making smoked fish in your oven will allow you to enjoy the smoked taste without using a smokehouse. Smokehouses are not available in many areas, and many people do not have the space to own one. L... Read More »