How do i close an army duffle bag?

Answer Protective FlapsStand the Army duffle bag on end, with the opening facing you. Place the three protective flaps over the military equipment inside.FastenersInsert the long metal fastener through th... Read More »

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How do I wash an Army issued duffle bag?

I would suggest soaking it in the bathtub with dish soap and rinsing it out several times before putting it in the washing machine, wash it on cold, use the 2 rinse cycle and then add a cup of vine... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Duffle Bag Stink?

While perspiration itself has no smell, once sweat and body oil contaminates clothing, it becomes a breeding ground for odor-producing bacteria. Often used to store dirty clothing, duffle bags can ... Read More »

Who invented duffle coats?

John Partridge, an Englishman, invented the duffle coat in 1890. The name derives from the thick, wool material produced in Duffelzandhoven, a town near Antwerp in Belgium. Originally worn by the ... Read More »

Does the USCAV.COM sell U.S Army PT t-shirt Army PT shorts Army PT pants Army PT jacket?

I don't know whether they sell Army pt shirts, pants, etc., but I did come across a cool store called SoldierCity which sells Army training clothes. Me and my boyfriend just got a couple of pairs o... Read More »