How do i clear my thumb prints on objects i touch?

Answer You can spray water on the object and then take a towel and wipe the water off.

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How to Get Clear Fine Art Prints on an HP Printer?

If you work as a fine artist, creating your own fine art prints offers you much in terms of control of the use of your image and the number of prints for which you must pay at a given time. Using a... Read More »

Ad-Aware 2007, How do I clear my ignored objects list?

I tried 2007 and didn't like it and reverted back to an earlier version.Not sure what you can do to "clear" it but as a last resort you can uninstall it and then reinstall it. That will "fix" your... Read More »

I need a camera that good for taking high quality photos of my paintings and can make large clear prints.?

You need a few things to make this happen* a good dSLR* a macro lens (they are the sharpest and show the least vignetting, pincushion or barrel distortion)* a sturdy tripod* two 500 watt incandesce... Read More »

Can you insert a thumb drive to an iPod Touch?

An iPod Touch does not have a USB port on it. Thumb drives connect via USB. You can transfer files onto the iPod Touch and use it like a thumb drive.References:Apple: iPod Touch Quick Start Guide